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Whether it be in the woods or on the water, Un-Locke Adventure, owned and operated by Brandon Locke, aims to offer you an authentic Maine experience. Un-Locke Adventure is a veteran-owned company based out of southern Maine, in Baldwin. We specialize in providing trips in and around the Sebago Lake region as well as the Moosehead Lake region—, but with years of experience exploring all corners of Maine, trips can be customized for anywhere in the state. Click the links above to learn more about Un-Locke Adventure and all the services we provide.


At Un-Locke Adventure we realize that people hire Maine Guides for all different reasons. Some want a trophy whitetail, some want a trophy trout and some just want to enjoy the Maine outdoors. With Un-Locke Adventure we specialize in showing our clients something they may not even know they want — a "True Maine Experience." With authentic shore lunches and years of knowledge from exploring the Maine woods we guarantee you will leave your trip with a new appreciation of Maine and the excitement and anticipation of Un-Locke(ing) your next Maine adventure

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